Ted M. Larson Award

The Ted M. Larson Award is given to an individual whose commitment to cinema demonstrates outstanding, longtime contributions to one or more of the following areas so close to Ted’s heart: film education, film production, film culture, and film criticism and history.

The Ted M. Larson Award was established by the Fargo Film Festival in 2001.

Recipients of the Ted M. Larson Award include:
2017: Greg Carlson
2016: George A. Romero
2015: John Waters
2014: Art Phillips
2013: Hal Hartley
2012: Don Hertzfeldt
2011: David Filipi
2010: Tony McRae

2009: No award given
2008: Rusty Casselton
2007: No award given
2006: No award given
2005: No award given
2004: Rob Nilsson
2003: Janet Leigh
2002: Jule Selbo
2001: Leonard Maltin