Ruth Landfield Award

The Ruth Landfield Award honors movies celebrating women of courage, conviction, and compassion.

The Ruth Landfield Award was established by the Fargo Film Festival in 2003 and two movies, Nancy Burggraf: Power and Stride and Searching for Wooden Watermelons, received the honor.

Recipients of the Ruth Landfield Award include:
2015: Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution (Matthew VanDyke)
2014: Brave Miss World (Cecilia Peck)
2013: Throat Song (Miranda de Pencier)
2012: Top Secret Rosies (LeAnn Erickson)
2011: Made in India (Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha)
2010: The Lost Girl (Elizabeth Chatelain)

2009: Sita Sings the Blues (Nina Paley)
2008: Plain Art (Mary Trunk)
2007: Cine Manifest (Judy Irola)
2006: A Life without Pain (Melody Gilbert)
2005: Speak Out: I Had an Abortion (Gillian Aldrich)
2004: Jumping for Joy (Timothy J. Nelson)
2003: Nancy Burggraf: Power and Stride (Sarah McCurdy)
2003: Searching for Wooden Watermelons (Bryan Goldsworthy)