Bill Snyder Award for Best Documentary Feature

The Bill Snyder Award is given to the movie named Best Documentary Feature as elected by the jury. Documentary feature is the only competitive category of the Fargo Film Festival to have a name attached to the honor.

Bill Snyder was a moviemaker and Fargo, North Dakota native who founded Bill Snyder Films, the first full-service motion picture production company in the state of North Dakota.

In 2008, the Bill Snyder Award was given to two titles: a short, “The Children of Leningradsky by Andrzej Celinski and Hanna Polak, and a feature, “Maria Tallchief” by Sandra Osawa.

Recipients of the Bill Snyder Award for Best Documentary Feature include:
2016: Welcome to Leith (Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher K. Walker)
2015: The Overnighters (Jesse Moss)
2014: Bending Steel (Dave Carroll)
2013: Informant (Jamie Meltzer)
2012: Age of Champions (Christopher Rufo)
2011: Reel Injun (Neil Diamond, Catherine Bainbridge and Jeremiah Hayes)
2010: Under Our Skin (Andy Abrahams Wilson)

2009: Abel Raises Cain (Jenny Abel and Jeff Hockett)
2008: Maria Tallchief (Sandra Osawa) and The Children of Leningradsky (Andrzej Celinski and Hanna Polak)
2007: Beyond the Call (Adrian Belic)
2006: Walter Anderson: Realizations of an Artist (Winston Riley and David Wolf)
2005: The Watershed (Mary Trunk)
2004: Stage, Screen and Reserve: The Life and Times of Gordon Tootoosis (Fang Fang Gao)