Best Narrative Feature

Each year, the Fargo Film Festival juries nominate films and vote on the overall Best Narrative Feature from movies in competition.

2016: Wildlike (Frank Hall Green)
2015: Frequencies (Darren Paul Fisher)
2014: 3 Mile Limit (Craig Newland)
2013: Astronaut: The Last Push (Eric Hayden)
2011: I Shall Remember (Vitaly Vorobjev)
2010: Tahaan (Santosh Sivan)

2009: River (Mark Wihak)
2008: Greetings from the Shore (Greg Chwerchak)
2007: Slatland (Brett Bell)
2006: The Garage (Carl Thibault)
2005: What’s Bugging Seth (Eli Steele)
2004: Myron’s Movie (Maggie Soboil)